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According To Your Word

According To Your Word

Today’s Scripture: “And Mary said, ‘Behold, the bondslave of the Lord; may it be done to me according to your word.’  And the angel departed from her.” Luke 13:8.

The day began as usual for the poor young peasant girl from Nazareth.  Mary, the fiancée of Joseph, was busily occupied with the routine affairs of the day when abruptly a stranger appeared. His manifestation and eccentric greeting shocked her.  Gabriel, one of God’s highest ranking angels, informed her that she was chosen by God to be the mother of the Jewish Messiah.  The Holy Spirit would come upon her and cause her to conceive.  Consequently the holy offspring would be called the Son of God.  Such a deed might seem far-fetched for man, but not for Almighty God.  Mary’s response was one of complete surrender and obedience to God’s will.  She said, Here I am, God’s servant.  Let His perfect will be done in my life according to your word.”  That response was music to Gabriel’s ears.  Having accomplished his mission, he departed back to heaven.

No doubt May soon suffered ridicule from others when they discovered she was expecting a child prior to marriage.  Few, if any, in Nazareth would believe that her child came from the Holy Spirit and not Joseph.  Yet, despite the scorn and shame, she willingly accepted God’s will for her life.  The Lord blessed her with the privilege of bearing Jesus, and also of being able to bring him up in her home.  She actually had the joy of spending more time with Jesus than anyone else did while He was on earth!

God reserves His best gifts to those who surrender completely to His will.  If we lay aside our agendas and plans, and submit ourselves unreservedly to the Lord, He will bestow abundant blessings on us.  It all starts with a willingness to obey Him.  May we, like Mary, submissively say, “May it be done to me according to (God’s) word!”

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